Stonethroat – Jeremy Lovie

Hailing from the Eastern States, Down Under Australia…Stonethroat are a heavy, smoky, love affair with the genre known as Sludge/Doom.

We chat with Vocalist and Guitarist Jeremy Lovie, for an insight into the makings of Stonethroat ‘s debut 4 track EP.



Can you tell us about Stonethroat came to be?

Sure! Jules (Bass) and I have been friends for a number of years. We used to jam in high school and a couple of years ago we had a pub covers band with another drummer playing CCR, the doors, deep purple etc. But after a while I got really bored of it. Jules had been on my back to start writing again for a long time and finally said oneday “what are we doing man? Our playing is going to waste”. So I put together some riffs and we found an old friend to drum for us, we jammed out the songs for about 6 months but our drummer just wasn’t into it enough so we parted ways and by chance got introduced to Edward! The best thing to happen to this band!  He fit in with us straight away, had a great knowledge of music and played multiple instruments. After we taught eddy the songs Jules and I sat down and wrote out some lyrics and vocal melody’s.  We had a lot of setbacks with the recording of this CD. We had a number of personal/family issues hold us back and it sat on a computer 90% done for almost a year.  BUT WE GOT THERE.


Can you describe your approach to songwriting — how do you decide which riffs good and which are bad?

I tend to write riffs in a house alone with a beer and a smoke or two. I still have riffs on my computer that I wrote when I was 17 so I often sift through them to find the right style of riff or one that I can alter to make work with what I’m going for.  New riffs or sections will often come completely spontaneously late at night and I’ll have to grab my phone and either hum it into the phone or grab an acoustic. The EP is a pretty even mix of new and old riffs I think the only song that was completely fresh was space lady and that’s pretty much one riff haha.  The “quiet” section in Mesias Solares came to me when I got home from work one day. I sat down, grabbed the shitty nylon string next to me and boom within a minute I had a middle section.

Stonethroat is my first time behind the microphone as well as guitar in a band and it was a bit daunting at first because I’m not great at writing lyrics, we considered getting a vocalist but decided against it. We are tight as a three piece. Julian’s input into the lyrics and vocal patterns was huge and I’m glad we were able to be so productive on it together. Lyrical content for this CD goes from Mental health to Space travelling camels… we don’t like to be too serious all the time haha.



Can you tell us abit about the guitar gear and the recording process for the EP? I see that Stonethroat has an association with Theo Goslett from Hollow World?

Julian is a long time friend of Theo’s and he helped us out when we were struggling.  We did it on the cheap so we didn’t get to experiment much this time so all the guitars, bass and vocals were recorded and tracked at his house.

My guitar tone comes straight from my Orville SG into My pedals, AA Fuzz + booster is my dirty tone and the clean tone is a phase with an itty bitty bitta delay. Live I run an old Laney Lionheart through an orange 4×12.


Julian (bass) was recorded straight DI with a Warwick corvette JJ and his Darkglass vintage ultra and occasionally a chorus. Live at the moment Jules plays a Gibson Thunderbird through a darkglass microtube 900 and a hartke hydrive 4×10.




We recorded Eddy’s drums with Adrian Horsman at Wolfenden studios. Adrian was a delight to work with, very easy going and professional, ed smashed out the tracks in no time at all!  We were really impressed. Ed has too many drum kits and is forever changing so I can’t keep up haha! His Danny Carey snare rules though.




There’s a particularly strange sound at the start of “Andromedary Part One” …How did you go about that?


The song is about a space travelling dromedary (one humped camel) that will eventually in part two…or three have a pretty cosmic “meeting” with the Andromeda galaxy.  The sound is his/her lonely cry from the depths of space.


Give us your best “wtf” live show experience…

We haven’t really had anything out of the ordinary at a Stonethroat gig yet…

But, back in Julian and I’s cover band days we were playing a set one night at a pub in Belgrave.  There was this scruffy looking white bearded bloke having a great old time, all though for an ENTIRE song he was trying to have a chat to Jules and ask him for a light. He ended up finding one in the crowd I guess coz he lit up right in the middle of the pub and was promptly grabbed and chucked out the door by the owner within 30 seconds. It was hard to keep a straight face and keep playing.



You can check out more from Stonethroat @


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