Katastrov – Arief Sulaimansyah

Hardcore Punk, from Bandung, Indonesia, Katastrov screams ANARCHY!!!

Guitarist Arief gives us an insight into the making of their mini album ‘Kultus’.

Can you tell us about Katastrov and how ‘Kultus’ came to be?

Katastrov plays heavy rock with a twist of UK 82 punk wave and a slight harshness of 90’s Swedish kangpunk. Formed in  June, 2016. this band is an outlet to channel and accommodate different  musical ideas and aspirations with Roma (Vocals) and Satria (Drums) who also shared two different bands with me, in Over Again (Roma) and Kaladerau (Satria).

Everything about the process behind the band and the ‘Kultus’ is really spontaneous. The writings on the album summarizes socio-politics phenomena surrounding Indonesia circa 2015-2016.



Can you describe your approach to songwriting ?

My first song and chords I learned on guitar is from Nirvana’s “About A Girl.” It’s simplicity and catchyness intrigued a young-juvenile me. Haha! That simple E minor – G major chords on the intro and verse inspired me to play the instrument and learn the song. So I have the same approach in mind when I’m writing riffs for Katastrov. So yes, my goal is I wanted it to be simple and catchy at the same time where everyone who listen to our songs can simply nod their head, hums or pick up their guitar and play the songs. Easy!

What was your recording setup like?

We recorded ‘Kultus’ at Funhouse Studio, Bandung, December, 2016. It took a total of 4 days to record all the songs.

Effects used during the recording (in no particular order): Xotic SP Compressor, AA Chainsaw Modified Metalzone, Behringer HM-300, Cmatmods Signa Drive, ERV Pedals Microbusto, Rocktron Reaction Super Booster, Mooer Noise Killer, Moog Moogerfooger MF-103, TC Electronic Flashback Mini, Way Huge Aqua Puss, Ibanez DE7 and GFI System Specular Reverb 2.

Amp-wise, we utilised a mid 90’s Mesa Single Rectifier with Carvin Legacy cab loaded with V30s, Ibanez TSA15H with matching cab loaded with Seventy 80 and a small solid state Vox Pathfinder 10. Every amp was mic’ed up with the mediocre standard Shure SM57. Hahaha!

For the guitars I used a 2013 Gibson SG Standard, 2000 DeArmond S-65 loaded with a Seymour Duncan Screamin’ Demon on the bridge position (changed the pots to 250K to tame the shrill and harsh) and a 2010 Yamaha Pacifica 212VFM.


How do you recreate this live?

Amp-wise, I’m pretty much using everything I found on stage as long as it has good clean channel with big headroom. I am running my rig stereo with Radial Twin City, one amp feed with the AA Chainsaw Modified Metalzone and the other with Boss HM-2. All simple and nothing fancy.

What is the live local music scene like in Indonesia?

Indonesia, well… Bandung, specifically is a fertile ground for music. We have a very diverse scene here. A healthy population of musicians from pop to metal, punk to jazz, hiphop to various ethnic backgrounds. Every scene is warmly growing and integrated into one giant community. Events for music are regularly held and helps a lot of talents. I also appreciate our current mayor for being really helpful and supportive to us. I’m thinking Bandung is similar to Sweden’s Gothenburg in comparison.     

Give us your best “wtf” live show experience…

Hahaha! This is pretty much embarrassing story to be honest. I remember my first gig with Katastrov playing in small, sweaty, dark bunker. It’s super-super dark. Really. During the intro of the song and the intense audience my guitar didn’t sound like it used to. It’s too clean-ish and less distorted. We have to play the song 3 times before I started to notice that my volume pedal is half closed. Hahaha! WTF!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us an insight into Katastrov.

Thank you so much Johannes for having me. Also credits for your wizardry skills. I never thought in a million years I could play a Metalzone in a jam, but now I do! Haha!


You can check out Katastrov on:

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/5M2c3u66qngWZMbJo6WeV1?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katastrovkills/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/katastrovkills/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpdWU5ya29_iuMLwo6AAT3A

Bandcamp: https://katastrov.bandcamp.com/releases

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/katastrovkills


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