Colour Control – Shea Jones

Colour Control are a 2 piece act from Perth Western Australia, consisting of vocals, guitar,drums and synth.

Did you count that correctly? We chat to Shea Jones, one half of the sonic architects behind the their fuzzed out, effect laden sound.

How and why did you first pick up the guitar?

I remember in 12th grade a dude was selling his guitar for $50.00 and I thought it was a good deal. It wasn’t til after grad I found myself with a bunch of time on my hands, so I started teaching myself how to play from tabs I found online, not with an end goal in mind, just cause I had nothing better to do…still don’t.

I played that guitar til it almost exploded on me. It’s beautiful, in its own way.

What kind of attributes do you look for when choosing an electric guitar?

Hollow body and built like a tank. Never was interested in what wood does to the tone, or what pick-ups are in fashion. My guitar signal is generally annihilated before it gets to the amp, so as long as it’s built well and can take a fall, I’m sold.

Below is my first (right) and current guitar.


First album you purchased?

Aqua…no regrets

Can you describe your approach to songwriting — how do you decide which riff’s good and which are bad?

On average I’ll come up with around 2-3 songs a week and if they can survive my attention span I’ll do a simple recording. For most of the recordings that’s how they will stay and never be played/worked on again. If they are good they’ll find a way back in to my head.

I have a few different ways on how I would start writing a new riff or melody, but they all feel like trying to build a crossword puzzle with poor spelling skills and no dictionary.

Can you tell us about your upcoming EP?  recording setup, gear etc?

The recording set up for our first EP was pretty run of the mill. The gear I used in the studio (my home) is the same that I use live with a few special pedals thrown in for flavour. I have spent countless hours searching and trying out pedals so when it came time to start making tone choices I felt pretty confident my set up could handle what I wanted to hear.


I use a handful of basic microphones and run them in to my computer via a Focusrite interface, and after experimenting quite a bit I ended up falling in love with re-amping tracks from DI guitar. Most of the time spent tracking guitars went in to playing with knobs and trying different mic placements, so having the exact performance repeating helped tremendously.

How do you recreate this live?

Well, as a two piece band we have a lot of space between 20Hz and 20kHz to play with, and for live gigs we try our hardest to fill it all up. It’s easy to make a riff or fill sound meaty when recording but when playing at a venue you really need to have a serious think about how you’re going to pull it off. At the moment Jon is playing synth basslines while drumming (still not sure how he does it) and I’m splitting my signal off to a guitar and bass amp.

Anything in the upcoming horizon for Colour Control?

We are currently mixing our first EP, which we’ll then send off to be mastered, with the aim of releasing a single once that’s all done. Then, towards the end of the year, we wanna launch the EP with some kind of huge show. We’ll see.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your insights

You can check out Colour Control at –

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